We are listed as suitable for the less able, being awarded rating M1 by Visit England.

What does that mean?

We are able to provide free access throughout the cottage for those that are not as light on their feet as others, perhaps needing a helper, walking stick, crutches or even the occasional wheel chair to aid there transition from one place to another. Door openings are not sufficiently wide enough for those who require wheelchair access to all areas. On occasions we have and do move furniture round to easy movement within the cottage and supply a range of aids where required (see below). Guests can utilise as few or as many of these as they wish.

Mobility Aids Available:

Grab Rails (4)
These can be placed wherever guest require assisted stability and would benefit from there use. The rails are capable of withstanding considerable weight (my son applied full body weight – 60kg).

Shower Chair
With variable height legs and an adjustable/removable back support.

Shower Step
Reduces the height of the step into the shower. The step is made of wood and is non slip.

Raised Toilet Seat
This just sits on the porcelain section of the toilet and can be removed for other guests if required.

Hands Free Can Opener
Everyone should have one of these. Lids are screwed so tightly today. It is always in the cottage.

Carver Dining Chairs (2)
To allow less able guests raise from the dinning table – always in the cottage.

TV Subtitles
For the visually impaired – always in the cottage.

Fire Extinguisher & Blanket
Safety first – always in the cottage.

Easy Grip handles
On all doors & cupboards – always in the cottage.

Handrail Decking area
Allowing ease of access to external areas and seating.

Wheelchair Access
We can accommodated guests who have occasional wheelchair use who have an able carer assisting.

There are two small steps to access the cottage from the front and the same to access the decking from the gated garden. From the decking there is a step-over threshold to access internal areas. Once inside all accommodation is on one level – see plan below.

There is no bath but a very large walk-in shower.
Please ensure we are notified in advance of your needs/requirements and we will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible, even if your requirements extend beyond currently available equipment. We will also let you know if we cannot accommodate your needs.

There are two small steps to access the cottage from the front door and the same from the rear gate to the decking, followed by a step over the threshold either to the kitchen of through the patio doors. Parking is to the front of the cottage, near the decking.