There are some thirty-six fruit trees in the orchard which fruit from July through to November. The blossom comes in April and May and is stunning – a must see for photographers and flower lovers.

The earliest are the cherry, although small, these are edible but you have to beat the birds to them!

Mid-July you can pick Walnuts for pickling – they are not edible as nuts until November.

Late July and into August we get a variety of eating and cooking plums, gage and damsons. These are all delicious when picked at the right time. Over the fence, beside the large shed Rhubarb will be ready for picking.

August and September is apple and sloe season. The variety of apples are to diverse to mention except to say there are eating and cooking varieties. Should you book with us over the Christmas period, you would enjoy home made ‘Sloe Gin’ as part of your Christmas hamper.

We still have fruit in September and November, as well as the Walnuts (of course) there are Hazelnuts, Meddler and Quince to harvest.

A plan of the orchard is available in the cottage with each tree categorised for fruit and variety.

The views from the orchard are also stunning. In daylight, looking over the road-side hedge you can see for miles (literally) – even Flamingo Land tower is visible on a clear day (5 miles away). On an evening, when the sky is clear, the stars are fantastic – thousands of them. I don’t know why there appears to be more sky and stars in the countryside but it certainly seems so!